House Building

House Building


submitted by: Jo Ann


Color GuideWe’ve been married 44 years come July and we’ve only had one new house. We didn’t build it, but I got to pick out the colors, carpet, etc. This house was a “God” thing and the most romantic thing my hubby’s ever done for me and he’s done many in 44 years!

I was out driving around our neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant, Texas in 1984 and came across this house being built. The builder was a member of the church I attended and also a singer. I’m a pianist so I’d played for him on numerous occasions.

I’ve always loved looking at houses and for some reason or other, decided to go in and see this one. The inside walls only had the studs up and the fireplace was in, but I could tell pretty much how the house was going to look. So I started walking through it.

That’s when a strange thing happened!  As I was walking, the Lord reminded me of a verse in the Bible that says, “Every place that your foot shall touch shall be yours!” I thought I was imagining things, but the prompting came again. So, I began walking through every room in the house and thinking of that Scripture.

We had no plans to buy a house (even though we desperately wanted one) and had absolutely no money for a down payment on one. Every day for the next couple of months, I was back out there looking and walking through the house. The builder said, “Jo Ann, since you’re out here every day anyway, why don’t you pick out the colors, wallpaper and carpet for this house. I hate doing that part of the building.”  So, I did.

On Friday the 13th of April, 1984, I’d gone to Longview to go shopping. When I came home around 6:00, my husband said, “Honey, I know you’re tired so why don’t I take you out to eat tonight.”  While eating, I mentioned that I wondered what that house looked like in the moonlight – it was one of those beautiful full moon nights in Texas!  He said, ‘Well, let’s just go out there and have a look.”

When we arrived, a new street light had just been installed and made the house clearly visible at night. I looked at my husband and said, “Honey, isn’t that house just beautiful!” He leaned over, kissed me, reached in his pocket and pulled out the key and said, “Yes, and it’s all yours!” I almost fainted. He’d gone to the bank on Wednesday, applied for the loan, got called on Friday morning and told that the loan was approved and the house was ours. Whoever heard of a first time home owner getting a loan in only three days!

The builder had knocked off the amount of the down payment, so we moved in a week later without paying one dime until our first house payment!  God is so Awesome!  My husband is a Youth Pastor and Family Counselor, so 10 months after moving into the house, the Lord called us back to Arkansas where we’ve been for the past 20 years.

I will never forget that house and the miraculous way that God supplied it and how my husband surprised me with it. Selling it was hard, but it also made it possible for us to buy the current home and six acres that we live in now!