House Building

House Building


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New Home ConstructionOne of the most romantic things about building our house was celebrating each weeks progress. We did this by sharing a glass of wine on a blanket in our bedroom-to-be, with a portable radio we danced in our living room-to-be and had dinner from a picnic basket under the stars (until the roof was finished) in our dining room-to-be complete with candles and soft music. When we finally got to move in, it really felt like home! One evening, we even brought a portable TV and a double sleeping bag and watched movies in our “bedroom” after a romantic dinner in our “dining room”.

When the house was almost finished and the builders were finished tearing up the yard, we went and picked out flowers and planted them together. We made a special garden in the back shaped like a heart and planted our favorite flowers. We also made a vegetable garden that we have planted and taken care of together ever since.

We also wrote each other love notes on the rafters and drywall for each other to discover – the builders got a kick out of that!