House Building

House Building


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dumbwaiter ideas house building tipsConveniences that at first seem completely unrelated to romance have made me realize just how much I am loved by my husband.

These are some ideas to get the MOST out of one’s love nest. Of course, dimmer switches every where! But here are some other ideas that made me fall in love all over again with my husband for thinking of them. Starting with the very first gift my husband made me – a trash chute that connects directly to the trash bin under the balcony reminds me how much I want to love him back for these sweet gestures of consideration. The trash bin lid closes as I close the hatch upstairs.

When women get older [and they care about their health] they will skip the hormones, get into alternative nutritional supplementation and have hubby install an evaporative cooler in the central part of the home. This doesn’t work in muggy climates but in the hotter/arid states it is a double blessing. And less costly to run than air conditioners.

Keep the two story!  In the mountains where we retired, so many of the retirees either give up and moved out or were worrying about keeping these two story cabins as we aged more and more. You do not have to down size with a bit of creative planning.

When we get older we get easily tired and need to conserve on our strengths for the more athletic of events….nudge nudge.

Stairs (although a good workout) can be challenging during life’s little bumps and sprains. Install a
dumbwaiter – to bring up the groceries! It can bring up the groceries from the garage to a balcony at the front door or from the garage into the kitchen, depending on your floor plan. [Name it your spouse’s name.] Thank you dear!

An elevator, although an extravagance, can also take a lot of weight off future worries.

A laundry chute is an amazing way to free up a dizzying task. Install a second dumbwaiter – to bring up the clean laundry (or design the laundry to be where the bedrooms are)!

The more time saved with conveniences, the more time for romance.