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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Janel Messenger

For our 5th anniversary I wanted to surprise my husband. He was taking night classes at the time and didn’t get home until dark. His class ended up being the night before our anniversary so he was unsuspecting.

First I cut out about 300 – 2 1/2 inch hearts on pink and white copy machine paper. Then I racked my brain over a week to write on each heart – in pink marker – one reason why I loved him.

The night he went to school, after he left, I made a trail of hearts. I started about 8 feet from the door with a 6 inch heart that said something like a “Trail of Love”, a candle AND a basket so he would know to pick up the hearts. Then I set out each of the 300 small hearts going from the entry into the dining room, wrapping around the table, through the living room up the stair to our bedroom. After the hearts were in place, I turned out all the lights and placed a candle about every six feet lighting the “trail” all through the house and up the
stairs to our bedroom. The house glowed.

In our room, I covered all the furniture with quilts, brought in some plants and lit it with candles as well. I had prepared a ‘picnic’ complete with blanket and ceiling fan on high (in February!!!) along with an ‘ocean sounds’ CD.

After my husband came upstairs, we had several good laughs over some of the reasons written on the hearts.