With Candles

With Candles


submitted by: Darryn H.


romantic with candlesIt was a cold winter’s evening, Ruth and I had gone away on a weeks break up into the mountains to stay in a little log cabin. We had taken all that we had needed for the week. As Ruth and I had packed the car together she thought she knew everything that we had brought. When I asked her to go outside for 5 minutes she was quite surprised and it was not the best place to be considering the weather. But I am sure she knew then that I was up to something at that point but sure she had no idea. Up until this point in time we had just enjoyed the seclusion of our surrounding by going on long walks and enjoying each others company. I left poor Ruth outside for probably a good 10 minutes while I frantically rushed round to set everything up.

I had during the week before planned the event and gone to the shops and bought several boxes of candles, later I had broken them in halves and thirds creating about 40 candles and now I was rushing around the cabin setting them up. I was placing them on the table, on the floor, on the cupboard simply everywhere. When they were all lit even I was surprised by how powerful the effect was. I open the door and told Ruth that she had to keep her eyes closed and led her to the door and told her she could open her eyes. Wow you should have seen the response, especially when I gave her a kiss told her how much I loved her.


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