Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Pam


romantic wooden box care package ideasMy sweetheart was going through some tough times so I typed the following (a small part of which I copied from something my mom had given me) on nice paper in a small font that would fit in the lid of a small recycled wooden box (approximately 4″X2″X3″high):

* An eraser to make all your mistakes disappear.
* A penny so you will never have to say “I’m broke”.
* A marble so nobody can say you’ve lost all your marbles.
* A rubber band to stretch yourself beyond your limits.
* A string to tie things together when all is falling apart.
* A four leaf clover for a touch of luck.
* A happy face to keep you smiling.
* A heart to keep love and happiness safe and close.
* Sunshine to wake up to and brighten your days.
* Stars to twinkle in your eyes & give you something to reach for.
* A moon to brighten your nights & bring dreams & memories of loved ones.
* A hug and a kiss to remind you that someone cares.
* And an angel, who has left to protect you – check your pocket!

Each of the items mentioned (small versions – some were buttons) were put in the box except for the angel (a guardian angel pocket piece) which I had given him before cancer surgery the year before.  He was very touched!