Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Brittany Mavity


romantic military couple care package ideas brownies army standing bootsMy boyfriend has recently left for the army. He went to the same college that I am attending currently and is a big basketball fan. And since he was away from here, I decided to send him all the newspapers I could get my hands on featuring our basketball team.

I made sure everything had the date and only put in the sports sections. I also included a program to the Final Four games which I’m sure was rather thrilling.

I also made him a friendship bracelet for him to keep on him and I have one as well to represent the time that we are spending apart from each other. I also included in there a batch of homemade brownies (his favorite), a Snickers candy bar (another favorite) and all around the inside of the box I put love notes, wished him a happy anniversary, and pictures of the two of us.

It was expensive to ship, but well worth it. He’s a wonderful guy and is rather homesick right now and I sent this to make him feel like he wasn’t too far away and that I was thinking of him, which is the objective of a care package in my mind.