Care Packages

Care Packages


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romantic special rocks stones care package ideas flight scaredI knew that my boyfriend was terrified of flying, so before he took his very first trip on a plane (to England), I decided to make him a care package to send on the airplane with him.  (To understand the extent of his phobia, it may be prudent to add that he was given valium before getting onto the plane and was STILL white as a ghost). I saw him off, so I had access to his travel bag. Inside it, I placed a few items to help him through his trip:

1.  Stones with meaningful traits: pink quartz for romance and love, and another one that represented courage, strength, and bravery. I included labels explaining what each rock was used for and instructed him to keep them close to his body (he kept them in his pocket) to bring those traits to him.

2.  An extra-long letter (about 26 pages) telling him all of the things that I had wanted to tell him since we began seeing each other, but was too embarrassed or afraid to say. I included poem and music quotes and explained beneath each one how they reminded me of him or our relationship. I ended the letter by telling him that I hoped to marry him one day in the future. I explained that since he had to go through with the airplane trip, I would do something that took courage and bravery as well.

3.  I also made an album of pictures of the two of us and wrote captions, so that he would be reminded of our relationship all the way to England.

4.  Finally, I made a list of things that I wanted him to take a picture of while he was in England. A few things were, “the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace,” “The James Joyce Pub sign,” etc.

When my boyfriend called to let me know that he had made it to England safely, he did another brave and courageous thing, which was admitting that the gifts I had sent with him brought him to tears and the stones had worked wonders for his bravery. He also said that he wanted to marry me as well.