Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Maria Flores


romantic chewing gum girl care package gift ideas christmasWe were best friends but something more than that was just starting to blossom. I knew he had to work on Christmas morning and he would leave right from work to his parents house 2 hours away. Although I didn’t want to give him an elaborate gift that might totally scare him away I wanted to give him something that told him that I knew him well and that I was thinking of him.

He is always asking for gum or breath mints. I guess its just his thing. So I bought a huge Christmas Stocking and filled it to the top with every kind of mint and gum I could find. Everything from Mint Skittles and Mentos to gum and those Listerine Strips. Filled to the top!

Then I showed up at his work and presented it to him right before he left to go home for Christmas. He loved it. It was a gift very few people would know that he would so greatly enjoy. It was good to see him use all the stuff I got him over the next few months and every time someone asked him for gum or a mint he would smile and look at me.