Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Brandy


romantic hip hop graffiti care package rapping paperAt the time I had given this care package, I had been dating the guy for about three weeks. I knew very little information about him, but I knew enough to get him something that he would enjoy. Through our phone conversation and dates I learned that he was a big fan of old school hip hop, he often had problems with his stomach, uncomfortable movements and sounds and that he was a great person.

Since we are both college students we are always “strapped” for cash but I wanted to show himĀ  how much I liked him without breaking my pockets. So I went online and copied about 15 CD covers of old school and new school hip hop artist that had expressed a fondness of and pasted them into an empty excel file. I collaged them all together in a way that they would repeat every six lines or so.

I printed them out and laminated them with some clear packing tape and made wrapping paper. I went to the dollar store and got a wooden, massager for his stomach; a box of French Vanilla tea, he really enjoyed it the first night I cooked him dinner; and a pocket dictionary. In the cover of the pocket dictionary, I wrote a note saying something about how this dictionary is not like others it contains words come to mind when I think about you. I went through the dictionary and highlighted all of the words that come to mind whenever I thought about him. I wrapped each gift in the hip hop inspired wrapping paper and placed them into a box that I wrapped.

That night when I saw him after dinner, I gave it to him. He was speechless and loved it. He didn’t say a word for a while just held me after he opened up each gift and then left with this look that showed this was really special to him.

The total cost of the gift was $2.98 (not including the printer ink and packing tape but since that was already around the house it did count). Whoever said the gifts that leave the biggest impression cost the most money, didn’t have a romantic bone in their body.