Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Dalia


romantic green purple gold beads care package ideasI remember it was a beautiful summer day I know now it was one of the best days I ever had.

It was at a time when I was beginning to learn what it truly means to love and be loved by someone. I was on my summer break, at the time I was a dorm manager for a college.

I heard a knock at my door. I was not expecting anyone at this time so I peeked out the window to see who it was. I saw a nice sized box. I quickly opened the door with great anticipation.  I knew I had not ordered anything so someone must have decided to send me something.

I read the label expecting to find out who and where it was from but all it said was do not open outside. I became a little cautious and put my ear to the box to see if it was ticking. I know I was being to silly I guess it was just an old reflex. I shook it and tried to hear what was inside. I couldn’t really hear a thing.

Now I had allowed myself to get to excited so I found a seam of the tape that held it closed and began to pull. I had quite a time with the tape so I quickly reached for my scissors and began to cut the tape off. I took the top flap of the box and flipped it back and all I saw was some bubble packaging. I lifted the other flaps and took off the bubble wrap.  Three helium filled balloons floated up into the air one was purple one was gold and the third one was green.  Thank goodness I did not have the ceiling fan on.

After the shock wore off I looked in the box and there were three small packages they were wrapped in the colors the balloons were (one of each color).  There was a note and it read:  I am so happy I know you! You have helped me to see that there can be a positive meaning to anything I encounter. I love you with all that inside to offer and I thank you for loving me. Yours for as long as you desire – Frankie.

He also had instructions on the packages the gold box was to be opened first he wrote this represents how valuable you are to me. Inside the box was a gold bracelet inside a note said this represents my continuous dedication to us and just as the claw clasps hold it together that is how tight I will hold on to you. You know I melted right then and there.

I got myself together and opened the purple box it was a slip of paper that read you will be given a night of pampering befitting royalty at your command, just call this number and it was his cell phone number (sorry ladies not giving that up).

The third box had a new, crisp one-hundred dollar bill in it and the note said do not spend it on the kids or anyone else but yourself for once. Wow I could hardly contain myself.

I raced to the phone because I planned to use my certificate for a night of royal pampering that weekend.  The phone must have rung about five times and I started to hang up a little disappointed and Frankie picked up and said in his wonderful and sexy voice hello I blurted out I love you.

All of a sudden it was another knock on the door I did not want to see anyone else right then but I told Frankie to hold on I raced to the door. There was Frankie and of course he had this little silly smirk on his face as he was almost laughing.