Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Lacy Boggs


romantic twix chocolate gift care package ideasOn our six month anniversary, Brandon and I were 2000 miles apart going to different schools in different states in different parts of the country. He sent me a care package that made the miles melt away.

In the box were lots of little gifts with little notes attached. On top were six silk roses of different colors. The note read: “Six roses for six months. Red for passion. Pink for love. Yellow for friendship. White for purity. Fire and ice because you like them. And a mixed one for the mixing of our two lives. I love you.”

Under that was a bag of fun sized Twix (my favorite candy) and a note which read: “These are for if you are feeling bad and need some comfort.”

Next to the Twix was a box of kleenex with the note: “These are for if the Twix don’t work.”

There was a t-shirt in a bag with a note that read: “You can sleep next to this and dream that I am there with you. All my love to you forever.”

Underneath all of those was a beautiful sculpted candle of two people embracing.  He had written: “I saw this and it reminded me so much of the two of us, I wanted to share it with you.  One mind, one body, one soul.  Happy six month anniversary my love.”

In addition to these beautiful gifts, I found two envelopes at the bottom of the box.  In one was a seven page letter answering the question “Who is my love?”  It included answers that ranged from “she is my friend” to “she is a Texan” and everything in between.

In the other was a love contract:

“I Brandon do solemnly swear with all my being that I do now and forever will love Lacy. I accept all the responsibilities and privileges associated with this declaration of love. This contract is binding and non-negotiable with no term limit. While the emotions explained above may have occurred much earlier than this declaration, they are still covered in this agreement. Being that there may not be continual co-habitation of the two parties, there are no distance confinements. Thus, having entered into this agreement freely and of my own free will, declare my undying love for Lacy. Signed, Brandon.”

The letters and notes alone were the most beautiful gifts I could ever have asked for, and after reading them, I definitely needed those Kleenex!