submitted by: Joanne P.


romantic massage care package ideasLast valentines day I prepared an intense ‘TLC’ care package for a close guy friend I was trying to win points with. We had been dating for a while but we weren’t officially a couple yet so I didn’t want to be too romantic and over-do things. But my goal was to make him think of me in the best part of his day.

He has a very busy work schedule, long hours and most of them outdoors. He enjoys taking long hot baths so the care package was as follows: I’m a graphic artist and can be quite creative and hate giving traditional gifts. I like taking things that exist and create more personal packages.

I bought some aromatherapy bath products, candles and a candleholder with the theme being total ‘Zen’ relaxation for all the senses. I designed and put stickers on this beautiful red box I had that made it look like a first aid kit but it had a heart in the middle of the cross and labeled “TLC Emergency Kit”. These stickers were found on all the products.

On the inside cover was a list of products included and instructions for use. The bath products were for relaxation, self-love and tenderness. The candleholder had a beautiful sun motif. I labeled this as being the source that would help his inner light shine through.

Then there was an item on the list that wasn’t in the box, massage oil, that item had an ‘*’ beside it just like many products that have special notes attached. You looked at the bottom of the list and it explained that due to certain hazards the product would be stored in a secure environment where it would be cautious to have it administered by his professional caregiver, Dr. Jojo (myself).  To make use of this product all he needed to do was make an appointment, fill in one of the appointment cards provided in the package and present it when he arrived.

The 4 printed appointment cards and spare candles were wrapped in a red ribbon with a small rose inserted in it. And for emergencies only I included a sealed plastic pill bottle with instructions on how to reach me. Also for real emergencies he could simply go directly to the clinic without an appointment (my house of course).