Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Rebekah White


bath fantasy body works care package ideaMy fiance confessed to me that a fantasy he has with me involves washing my hair. I was thrilled with the idea. The only roadblock we face to fulfilling that fantasy is waiting until the wedding because we are both virgins and will not become sexually involved until we’re married.

Soooo, I’ve started finding items to be placed in a care package, a “Fantasy Bath Basket”, if you will. It will include bath confetti of various colors, a heart shaped, palm-size bath salt that reads ‘Kiss Me’, scented bubbles, soap that has an amorous shape or saying, and of course choices of shampoo that are called “Passion Fruit” and “SunKissed”.  I may also include toe dividers that are in the shape of tiny lips and pedicure supplies because he loves my feet.

I plan to leave this package for my fiance when I move my things to his house the week before the wedding. That way he will find it before the wedding and have the anticipation grow of living his fantasy on our honeymoon.