Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Teresa Edmonson

care-packageMy fiance unexpectedly lost his home and had to stay in a weekly hotel until he could find a new apartment. As he had to replace nearly all his household belongings, he was relying on the sparse accoutrements that the hotel offered their efficiency apartment guests.  The room consisted of a bed, a couple chairs, a dining table w/chairs, microwave and stove.

From having worked a job where I stayed in hotels for weeks at a time, I knew that the hardest part was not having the little comforts.  So, the second night of his stay I assembled a care package for his new place.

It included:
-2 coffee mugs and instant coffee bags
-a small cutting board and a 2 piece knife set
-disposable plates, bowls and cups
-a set of cloth napkins and a package of paper napkins
-2 glass tumblers
-throwaway food storage (bags and dishes)
-a small glass casserole
-prepackaged microwavable food
-crackers, cheese and other easy to prepare snacks
-peanut butter and jelly
-a box of his favorite cereal and milk
-a small, insulated beverage container to use for ice
-cleaning wipes
-votive candles and candle holders
-a travel alarm clock (so he didn’t have to rely on
wake up calls)
-his favorite magazines
-a framed picture of us

He later told me that my “care package” and the little trinkets I included were the most meaningful presents he ever received. All I wanted was for him to feel like he had a “home” to come to after work.