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Care Packages


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thanksgiving talking turkey romantic care package shipped meal ideasSome years back on a cold Thanksgiving Eve, my boyfriend was out of town on business and would not be home on Thanksgiving Day – even though he would be spending a rather non -Traditional dinner with his employer and their family – I felt so saddened and missed him a lot.

The problem is that I knew they (his employer and family) were vegetarians (their Thanksgiving was going to be fish) and my fiancé was not. I called FEDEX and low and behold, if I had them pick up my package by 4pm , it was guaranteed overnight delivery.

I cooked the whole full course turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, etc…. I even added a few of his favorite meals for the rest of the week. I packed it all up in a large cooler packed on ice packs and it arrived before 11 am the next day.