Care packages

Care packages


submitted by: Mindy Groover


romantic couple sharing food dining experience care package ideasMy husband had been very ill for 2 years and had just lost his mother and was pretty down. So I wanted to remind him of what life used to be for us and what life for himself could be like again.

I bought a package of 3 small notebooks shaped like flowers. One of them I named memory lane, and on each page I wrote a different memory about us from before he got ill. Number 2 notebook I made into a coupon booklet of things he likes, like a night out playing pool with his dad. I thought this would give him something to look forward to. The last notebook I used to make I love you notes and put different sayings on and put them all over the house.

Then I bought this very cute romantic little box and put a note in it that this box is to write down goals and dreams of what we want to do with each other or for each other and then in a year to read together and put in action.

I found a white wicker basket and put body oil, lotions, bath oil and a bottle of wine, and I wrote little sayings and I love you’s all over the bottles. I got 3 cards and put through out the package of what our love and life meant to me.

I put it all together and presented it to him over a candle lit dinner that I made for him of all his favorite foods. The look on his face when he opened his big romantic gift was enough to make me cry and to be a matter of fact he had tears in his eyes while reading everything. He told me that no one has ever done anything so special for him like this.