Care Packages

Care Packages


submitted by: Tammy Brunais


romantic women left behind from trip care package spa ideasMy husband and I have 4 children ranging from the ages of 10 to 2. We have very little time for “couple things.”

About a year ago he was planning a 4 day fishing trip with other male members of the family.  I wasn’t exactly happy that he was going and leaving me here at home with everything to deal with.  I was really quite angry how could he want to go away for days without me?  Any way the trip was just a few days away and of course being the stubborn woman that I am was still bitter to say the least. He even asked me to pack his bag.

The day finally came and off he went. Later in the day I step into our room and on the bed was a HUGE basket overflowing.  Inside I found candles and bubble bath, chocolates, a new book, slippers, a note saying his mother was taking the kids for the weekend have them ready at 7, and a gift certificate for the day spa (with reservations made for the next day) to have a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and new hairdo. What a jerk I had been! The day spa that he was sending me to is always booked a month and a half in advance! He had planned this before his fishing trip.

At the very bottom was another note saying that he loved me very much. That he had wanted to do something special for me and thought that I could have a weekend just being me, not Mom to our 4 children or his wife.

When his Mom brought the kids back Sunday night she had already feed them, given them a bath and they were in their pj’s!! To top it off my husband came home 2 days early saying that he just wanted to see us!  He then proceeded to run me a hot bubble bath with candles lit around the room and little to my knowledge “mom” had slipped a bouquet of roses in there too.  While in the bath he came in a washed my hair.  And said that he hoped that I enjoyed the TLC package, It really was the most relaxing weekends of my life, but boy did I miss them!