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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christie Cruze

In my many relationships, I’ve always been frustrated that my partners can tell me night and day that they care, but they never quite showed it. I finally met someone who always keeps the little things in mind and shows me, but has difficulty telling me. Silly as that is, my boyfriend knows that I don’t do well with red wine or champagne, or beer for that matter.

On my birthday a few weeks ago, he dimmed the lights, turned on my favorite tunes, and read poems to me after dinner. And though he couldn’t get champagne or wine to finish off the most perfect romantic evening, he served the same flavor of wine coolers that we drank on our first date. The night could have been a relaxing evening with a few rented movies, but having him remember what we had to drink on our first date made it the most romantic and loving evening that I’ve ever experienced.

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