Dating Under $10

Dating Under $10


submitted by: DeWayne Chiasson


romantic-beach-picture-long-exposure-photo-ideasOn the west coast of Canada, we have a lot of liquid sunshine in the winter though the temperature is mild so an economical OUTSIDE date involves braving the elements.

My recipe for a Date under US$10!!!

2 people in love
ONE gigantic umbrella (the type that screws into the ground)
Large blanket

ONE bottle of wine
A loaf of French bread with assorted cheese
Some very sweet grapes & strawberries

One red rose
One hurricane candle lamp

1.I head for a secluded spot by the ocean and have a WINTER picnic. The large umbrella comes in handy in case of rain. As the Boy Scouts say, be prepared.

2.The small lamp is a symbol of how much my love burns for my Special Lady.

3.The “home made” wine & rose adds a personal touch. The simplest things are always the best when you are with your Special Lady.

4.Enjoy each other’s company as the sun sets and the sky turns to shades of yellows & oranges.