Dating Under $10

Dating Under $10


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romantic-lake-flowers-around-it-dating-cheap-ideasWhen my husband and I were dating he called and asked if I could get out one weekend. Well when the weekend came he was short of cash due to a repair bill on his car. He thought of a brilliant idea – since I only lived about 1/2 mile from a lake he decided we would go there.

The original date was to be to a movie, dinner, then to listen to a new band in town. Well for the movie he improvised by doing his own impression of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For dinner he had his mom make us a picnic lunch which he laid out on the hood of his car on a tablecloth. He borrowed his dads white sports jacket and doubled as the waiter – As for the band he brought along his guitar and sang to me. Needless to say that is one date I well remember.

It was also the night he asked me to marry him. He didn’t have a ring so he took some little flowers that were growing beside the lake and tied them all together and placed them on my head like a halo. It has been 10 yrs now and I still have that halo! It has been replaced with gold bands but the halo is most precious.