Dating Under $10

Dating Under $10


submitted by: Donna Foti


romantic-dating-picnic-ideas-cheap-datesI think one of the most romantic dates I’ve ever had was when my then boyfriend and I went to the library for books about photography and on the spur of the moment, just for fun, also chose a book of romantic poems. From it came our romantic date.

We made an old fashioned picnic lunch – complete with lemonade, fried chicken, chocolate cake and blanket, all packed into a basket, and then, we found a very beautiful spot by a stream in the wooded area near our home. It was such a relaxed, romantic feeling and he actually read love poems to me as we listened to the birds sing!

I think our hurried lives in this day and age cheats us out of the wonderful romantic moments our grandparents took for granted as they courted.  It was a wonderful afternoon and the feeling stayed with us for some time.  I have several books of poetry in my personal library now and every so often I will read one aloud to my honey just to surround us with that sweet and tender feeling of romance.