Dating Under $10

Dating Under $10


submitted by: Suzy Erekson


romantic-airport-airplane-shopping-cart-cheap-date-ideasI remember a really fun date I had when I was single. We were asked on a double date. We didn’t have much money so for dinner we brought a picnic lunch to share. It was fun because we ate it at a park.

After we were done the guys suggested we needed dessert. All of us got back in the car and drove. Only the guys knew where we were going. It seemed like a long time when finally we stopped at the airport. I asked what were doing there. The guys then proceeded to tell us the plan. We as couples had races to see how many carts we could return from the airport parking lot in a certain amount of time. The airport paid you 25 cents for every cart returned. After we were done returning carts we put all the money together and went inside the airport and had enough money to buy everyone an ice cream cone for dessert.

I’ll never forget that date!!!