Dating Under $10

Dating Under $10


submitted by: Sherry Legault


romantic-coffee-tea-date-idea-cheap-dates-dessertSomething that my husband and I like to do is to go out for coffee and dessert. Here in Alberta, we’ve got great little shops called “Second Cup” (similar to Starbucks, but more ambiance).

For $10 we can both get our favorite European coffee – usually with whipped cream on top, and then we’ll choose the richest slice of cake in the cooler—we both love chocolate, so that will usually get our mutual vote. We ask for two forks. Then we sit, knee to knee, at a little round table, lean close together, and share the slice of cake.

We often get different types of coffee, just so we can sample each other’s. It’s cozy, romantic, and a lot less expensive than going out for dinner or a movie. And if we’re lucky enough to find a table near the fireplace, all the better.