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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kim Reade

Several years ago on Valentine’s Day, when our kids were 6 and 3, the kids and I prepared all day for that special evening with daddy. The first thing that we did was to leave a note in an envelope with his name on it in the mailbox inviting him to a special Valentine evening with his family (he always stops at the mailbox when coming home from work so we knew he would pick it up).

Then on the door coming into the garage, we hung a heart holder made out of construction paper  filled with special tokens to be cashed in that night as part of his gift from all  of us. Each token was issued by a specific one of us and could only be redeemed with that person.

The kids came up with ideas for them for daddy which were more service oriented and of course mine were quite different and of course more romantic/sensual. Ideas the kids used were a back rub with lotion, a foot rub/soak, a game of his choice, a shoe shine, a hug, a kiss, etc. Mine were a dance to his favorite song, a hot bath together, a hug, a kiss, a complete body massage with oil, and a token to be used for his own choice.

We prepared a four course dinner with candlelight, flowers and all the nice china and blocked off our kitchen so that when daddy came home, he could not enter nor view the dining area. When daddy came home, he found all his notes and tokens and immediately began to use them.

The kids escorted him into the living area and removed his shoes, got him a glass of tea, some appetizers, and began to cater to him while I continued to prepare dinner. At dinner time, we opened the dining room and escorted him to the table. We ate and laughed and had a great evening playing games and just enjoying each other and our kids.

The kids loved it because they got to be part of a big surprise for daddy and we loved it because we were able to spend a romantic valentine’s day together at home with our kids. Who ever said that romance has to be difficult. Time consuming maybe, but not difficult. The only problem with a night like this is that now Daddy expects something equally as great or greater each Valentine’s Day. Now my work is cut out for me.