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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kylie

As far back as I can remember, my home was full of love. My parents never left one another without remembering to say “I love you.” They never went to bed angry with one another, either. When I asked my mother why she and dad had been up late at night, she would always answer that it is best to talk things out before going to sleep, just to be sure that both people were on the same wavelength through the night. My parents never forgot an anniversary, a birthday, or any special day that existed between them.

As important as these things are, the “little things” are important too. Just seeing my father hug my mom for no reason at all made my youthful heart flutter. He would hug her while she made dinner, give her a kiss when toasting a glass of wine, and dance with her on the porch as the sun was setting at night. And he made sure to tell her how beautiful she is at least once per day.

Having parents like mine made me realize how important it is to have love in my own life. My father has always been my hero throughout childhood, most of all for the incredible love he always showed my mom. Surprisingly, when I was eighteen years old, I met the man I am with now and he is very much like my dad. We plan to be married sometime in the future.

Without my parents as models, I wouldn’t have known what it means to love someone, and especially not what it means to be loved. I have both of my parents to thank for the love that I have in my life now, and my father to thank for being a hero not only to my mother, but to myself as well.