While Teaching Kids

While Teaching Kids


submitted by: Sarah Bruce


Beautiful child smelling roseMy parents are both music teachers, and my sisters and I have always gone to whatever school my dad was teaching at. When I was in 7th grade, my dad was the choir teacher at my middle school, and my mom was a long term sub for a teacher who had just retired. For Valentine’s Day, my dad arranged a version of Unchained Melody and taught to all of his students (about 175).

Then, during 4th period, he called them all down to his room, gave them each a rose, and formed them into a procession. They made their way to my mom’s classroom, and when they got in there, they walked in one by one handing her the rose each of them carried and singing my dad’s arrangement of the song.

My dad was the last one in the room, and he had a huge bouquet of roses as well as candy and a bunch of little trinkets. It was the talk of the school and the family for the rest of the month.