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submitted by: Pernille Bolo

Our daughter celebrated her second birthday in July and received a bicycle as a present. She loved the bike and everything she played included biking.

One day when I was in the garden, she drove up to me and cheerfully announced herself as a postman and inquired whether I had any letters I needed to be delivered. Of course I had. I found a notepad and wrote a “letter” to my husband telling him ; “The burden of all my love would be much to heavy for this tiny postman on wheels – but I send you a kiss as light as a butterfly and a breath of I Love You.”  I then folded the note around a Thousand-joy (a flower, it’s what it is called in Danish) and told the “postman” that this was for her father.

Moments later she came pedaling back with a very sweet note from my husband. Naturally she thought that this was a great game and so she must have delivered at least 20 love letters that day. She had lots of fun and my husband and I enjoyed feeling like we were back in law school, passing secret notes to each other during lectures.