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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Amye Kozlowski

My husband has been working a lot lately and we have had to cancel our Date Nights for the last two months so I have been trying to find a great date idea for us all week. This week’s contest in the Tip of the Week newsletter on Teaching Our Children Romance was  the perfect challenge for me.

I decided to pick a date two weeks out for our Special Day and have asked our three and four year olds to tell me “What makes your daddy the best?” I wrote each answer out on a blank piece of colored paper and asked them to draw daddy a special picture on each page. We then folded the special Daddy Cards up and placed one in his lunch bag for the next day. Each day for the next two weeks daddy will get a new note from his babies and one especially from mommy.

We then looked through a cookbook and picked out special foods that daddy would like (including bunny rabbit cups and Jell-O alphabet letters!) and added the needed ingredients to our grocery list.
Instead of hiring a sitter for our Special Night, we made a list of fun things to do together and made a ‘menu’ for everyone to choose from that night after dinner.

Some of the things on our list were, read 6 books (our daughter’s favorite number this week), eat pink bubblegum ice cream, buy a new cat, and dig worms in the new garden (kind of hard in the snow). Each of our kiddos have chosen the Special food item from our dinner menu to help make that evening.

To top things off, we made several big signs on paper with the following words, “April 11th…Be Home…By 6:00pm…For Some… FUN!!!”. I took a picture of each of them holding a separate sign and they took a picture of mommy holding the “FUN!!!” sign.

I turned the film in to be developed and will have my husband pick it up (and knowing my hubby, he won’t even wait to leave the parking lot to look through all of the pictures).