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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Deb

Last summer, my husband had some out of town work. My daughters and I accompanied him for a couple of days before continuing on to Florida without him.

My daughters, knowing that I usually will leave little love notes or something in his suitcase when he is traveling … came up with a different idea. Their thoughtfulness really impressed upon me the affect that my little gestures have on them.

What they plotted and helped me to accomplish was simple but had a wonderful impact on my husband. We planted little love notes ALL over the hotel room. Under his pillow, in his shoes, in his clothes, in the shower, on the phone handle, taped under the remote control, etc. We placed 30 notes in various places. They had a so much fun hiding them with me.

We had felt bad going to the beach and leaving him behind, but I think the notes helped to ease the let down a little bit. He was touched. He still mentions it at times and I doubt the girls will ever forget either.