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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jennifer Sanders

My husband is a full time student and although we don’t have any children, our nieces and nephew come to visit every July for two weeks.

This past year, while my husband was at class, I gave each of the kids something to do, so that we could plan a romantic picnic in the middle of the day on school campus. My nephew (10 years of age) was in charge of filling the ice chest with ice, white grape juice and fruit, my nieces (12 & 6 years of age) were in charge of making sandwiches and drawing pictures of why we all loved my husband (their uncle).

He was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at his car, between classes, to find a whole family complete with lunch, blankets and love letters from us all. The kids thought it was great to make “Uncle Chipper” a pick me up in the middle of the day and I got to let him know that even though the kids were occupying a lot of my time those two weeks, he was still the most important!