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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Shirley Moody

Dustin and I began dating in November of 2000 after the separation and divorce from my first husband.  My daughter was only three at the time we started dating, so she has watched our love and romance blossom and grow right before her very eyes.

We have always included my daughter, Brittney, in our activities but we found it even more important to do so as we became more serious in our relationship.  Our relationship did not consist of just myself and Dustin, but instead our relationship consisted of myself, Dustin, and Brittney!

I remember when we celebrated our first anniversary together.  Dustin surprised us with a dinner cruise around the Charleston harbour.  During our relationship we have frequented Charleston and love the beauty and history found within the city, so this dinner cruise was absolutely a perfect idea.

Dustin picked us up for our fun filled evening of love and romance, and we were soon on our way to Charleston where we would spend the remainder of that magical evening.

Brittney was the only child on board that night, but she certainly received lots of smiles and comments being out with Mommy and “Daddy.”  Little did they know that we were celebrating our one year anniversary that night.

We had a magnificent evening with wonderful food, beautiful music, and dancing.  One of my most cherished moments on that dinner cruise is when Dustin took my daughter to the dance floor, and they danced together.  He held my daughter so proudly in his arms so she would be his height, and they danced alone on the dance floor.  Everyone watched the exchange between the two, and the applause after that dance was overwhelming!

Since that time, we have gotten married in October of 2002.  When Dustin proposed he did so to me and Brittney in a park in Charleston over looking the water.  Once again, he couldn’t have picked a more suitable or more romantic place.  He not only proposed to me and asked for my hand in marriage, but he asked for Brittney’s hand in life as well.

Brittney was very much a part of our wedding ceremony in October as well as she was my Maid of Honor.  She stood proudly among my other friends who were serving as Bridesmaids for this magical occasion.

During the wedding ceremony, after the groom kissed the bride and as “From This Moment” was being performed, Dustin got down on one knee and presented Brittney with a necklace symbolizing the family unit.  Dustin and Brittney exchanged hugs and vows before our family and friends, and there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.

When it came time for the introduction of the bride and groom, we were introduced as “The Moody Family … Dustin, Shirley, & Brittney” and then exited the ceremony with Brittney by our side.