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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jim Wilson

My wife and I always try to demonstrate romance and good relationship behavior to our daughter with the intention that this will help her to both pick a good mate and to be one also. Our daughter is also often included in picking out special little gifts, flowers or doing nice things for loved ones and also charitable things for people just because it makes us feel good and is the “right thing to do”.

One of my favorite romantic examples occurred last year when, our daughter Elizabeth, who was five at the time, and I put together a romantic and elegant formal dinner for my wife.  I made certain that my daughter understood that this event was to celebrate our love for my wife. She already knew it was not for a birthday, anniversary, etc.

Together we made an invitation, set the dining room table complete with tablecloth, silver, china and candle light, prepared and served the meal. I wore my tuxedo and my my daughter was in her best dress.

We all had a great time, especially when Elizabeth performed an impromptu ballet for us to enjoy.  Although my wife was invited to this one, the next will be a surprise.