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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Ryan Thompson

In an effort to be unique, creative, and romantic as I asked my high school sweetheart to go with me to a Valentine’s Banquet, I implemented the use of a chocolate invitation. As I was browsing through a catalog of chocolate products, I came across Valentine’s gifts made of chocolate. They could be personalized to say whatever you wanted, so I called in and ordered this Chocolate invitation. It read, “Tiff, You & Me. Banquet? Love, RT”  (There is a limit to the number of letters used, so you must be creative in your wording).

I then took her to a nice restaurant at a local hotel, and when it came time for dessert, we ordered the “house special.”  I had previously delivered my chocolate invitation and explained the situation to the manager.  They graciously brought the “dessert” out on a silver platter with a cover. When she opened it, she read it & of course said an surprised, excited and love struck, “YES!”

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