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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Melanie Hallsten

I wanted to do something special and unique for my boyfriend this last Valentine’s Day. We have both been married and have kids, and he was not used to being spoiled in any way.

He loves his Harley Davidson motorcycle, chocolate and macadamia nut/chocolate chunk cookies.  So I bought a brown, heart shaped, very deep box from the local craft store.  I went to the Harley dealer and picked up their Christmas catalog that had some very nice old pictures in it.  I cut out his favorite motorcycle, as well as the antique looking pictures and decoupaged them all over the heart box.

It took about three hours to get all the pictures on the box.  I filled it with his favorite cookies and chocolate.  It was a big hit.  He loved it.  The guys at the Harley dealer heard about it and wanted one too.