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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mindy Larsen

My husband and I had just gotten married and our budget was really tight.  His birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special but inexpensive.

I went to a local chocolate factory and bought a big box of their best chocolates that I could afford.  When I got them home, I unwrapped the box so I could get to the chocolate.  One by one, I cut out pieces of red, pink and white construction paper to fit underneath the chocolate but stay inside the individual paper wrappers.  On each small piece of paper, I wrote different reasons why I loved him (i.e. your eyes, your smile, you kindness) along with one that said “Happy Birthday!”  When I was done, I carefully placed each paper under the chocolates.  Then, I rewrapped the top cover of the box in a solid red wrapping paper, which I already had.  I closed the box, tied ribbon around it, added some personal touches and added a bow.


When I gave him the chocolates, he was surprised to see I had taken the time to wrap them up like I did.  However, he was even more surprised when he ate his first piece of chocolate and found my messages I left for him.  He thought it was so neat that he only ate one piece of chocolate a day until the box was empty just so he had something to look forward to.


Not only was the gift inexpensive and personal, but it also made him feel special and important to me.  Even though the chocolates are now gone, 4 years later he still has the box with the wrappers and small messages for him to read when he wants to know how much I love him.