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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tricia Bryan

On Valentine’s Day morning I woke up and was heading down the stairs to make my husband breakfast and was I ever amazed.  At the top of the stairs there were all sorts of chocolates in the shape of an arrow pointing to head down the stairs.  My husband made a pathway for me to walk down the stairs that was lined with chocolates.  It made me feel like a queen walking down a pathway that was laid out for her.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs and entered the living room there were chocolates laid out in the shape of a BIG heart. The Kit Kat and Reese’s candy bars that were shaped into a heart each had a to and from on them.  He took the time and had written on them some of the pet names we call each other.

There was a HUGE Hershey kiss in the middle.  There was a bag of conversation hearts.  There were chocolates that spelled out I love you. Needless, to say I’m a big chocolate lover and this touched my heart in such a big way I can’t even explain it in words.   It was only the beginning of our great 1st Valentine’s Day as husband and wife!