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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Emily French

Last year I was fumbling through my family’s candy drawer when I saw some Hershey kisses, but as I went to eat one my mom stopped me.  “No! Those are for your father” she told me.

As I looked more carefully at them I noticed the papers reading “kiss” which normally come out from them had other words written on them.  She told me that the kisses were a special gift for my father’s birthday-he’s known to love chocolate kisses.

But she added a personal touch to these chocolates, she had gone on the computer and printed out twenty or so phrases such as “You’re sweeter than chocolate” “I love you” “Here’s a kiss for you” etc. and cut them out into long strips.  Then she rewrapped each kiss with her personalized phrase.

I wanted to read more of the messages but she wouldn’t let me!  I think she might have been embarrassed as to the romantic nature of some of the other messages ;).  It made me happy to see the gift and gave me the feeling that my parents have their own private language of romance and love still alive between them.