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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Orly

I am an admitted chocoholic. My husband knows this my family knows this and now you and everyone at my Weight Watchers meetings knows it too. Its the reason I started going. I can’t just have one piece, I NEED to keep eating them right out of the box. 

We have not bought any chocolate in a VERY long time and it was really starting to get to me, but I was really happy with my Weight Watchers results. What’s a girl to do, but sit and feel badly for herself?  

My darling husband came up with the sweetest idea for me.  One night he went to the place where I go for Weight Watchers and bought the Weight Watchers chocolate bars that I have tried and are wonderful but are no where near as bad for me as a regular chocolate bar.

He brought them home and before I got there, he cut them up into little pieces and put them into a heart shaped box. I found the box on our bed with a big ribbon and a note that told me how much he loved me and wanted to support my weight loss efforts. Was I surprised! He cut up two bars and it looked like I had 30 pieces of candy to eat!  I was so happy! He really lifted my spirits with his simple but super kind gesture!