Romantic Chores

Romantic Chores


submitted by: Eileen


romantic cooking chore girl sleeping ideaOne night my boyfriend and I had plans to make dinner together.  The day had been especially hard and long for me. He saw this right away when I came over and was so sweet.

First, since I was exhausted, he led me back to his room and laid me down on his bed, covered me with a light blanket, and dimmed the lights. He kissed me gently and told me to just rest for awhile. After he left me there (and trust me, I fell asleep immediately) he went out and cooked me dinner by himself. He then served it and brought it to me.

He carried it in and set it down and woke me up gently by kissing my eyelids and cheeks. I was so touched and grateful that he was not only not disappointed that I was too tired to really participate in the date we had planned, but that he had gone on to pamper me and be so selfless. It was a small gesture that cost nothing, but it meant a lot to me because it showed me he values my happiness above his plans.