Romantic Chores

Romantic Chores


submitted by: Kelly P.


man taking out the trash romantic chores ideasAs many parents do, my husband and I have a “chores” chart for our children. The categories of chores are listed and stickers are earned to chart the progress. When a certain number of stickers (“points”) are received for each category, an appropriate reward or treat is given.

My husband and I do chores, of course, but it’s just “what’s expected” of Mommy & Daddy types and the rewards are simply that the chores get done. I recently realized that my husband sometimes needs to be reminded to do some of the agreed-upon Daddy chores, such as to take out the garbage. He doesn’t truly mind, he just forgets! I hate to mention it because I feel like a nag (not exactly romantic). So I had this idea…

I added my husband’s name and chores to our chart! Daddy is now anxious for chores to complete because; you see… we have a slightly different point/reward system. These stickers add up to romantic treats! Sometimes it’s a foot rub or a scalp massage… but usually he’ll save them for something more. 🙂  It’s a selfish “You earned it!” reward… but it always becomes a special treat for both of us.

This also provides positive interaction and healthy competition between the kids and their Daddy. They often remind each other of chores and encourage each other to earn more stickers. As an added bonus, the kids can relate to the feeling of earning their own special reward and respect our time while Daddy is receiving his reward!

My husband and I share special smiles and glances as we clean because we know we are one “point” closer to an extra romantic encounter we’ll both enjoy. Not only is our home a little cleaner, but there is romantic anticipation attached to CHORES!