Romantic Chores

Romantic Chores


submitted by: Robin Wright


doing dishes romantic chores ideasAbout two weeks ago, my husband was at work and the kids were away at Summer Day Camp. I was doing the dishes and thanks to water on the counter my shirt got really wet on the front. So, to remedy the problem I took my shirt off and hung it to dry and then continued doing the dishes and tidying the kitchen topless, as to not get another shirt wet.

When my husband came home that evening and I mentioned to him that if he would’ve come home just a couple of hours earlier that I was doing the dishes topless, his mouth about hit the floor and his eyes lit up. Let’s just say, that night when we went to bed we didn’t go right to sleep.

Now every time that I’m doing dishes when he’s at home he gets a big grin on his face. Dishes used to seem like such a mundane chore for me but now even I do dishes with a smile.