Romantic Chores

Romantic Chores


submitted by: M. Persaud

man cleaning

I had tried everything to get my boyfriend to help with the chores around the house.  Sweet talking, asking for help, I even made a list of chores and put it up on the fridge, where he couldn’t miss it!  But it seemed like nothing was working.

One day when I knew he wouldn’t be busy, I put a letter addressed to my boyfriend in the mail.  It told of the great surprises and adventures that awaited him under the kitchen sink (where we kept the cleaning supplies).

Naturally, he was curious, so he followed the instructions in the letter and looked for the first item which was the glass cleaner.  Attached to the bottle was a little note that said “if you use me to clean the glass tables, you will earn one adventure coupon”.

The next step in the letter led him to the broom and dustpan.  Attached to the dustpan was a note that said”  Use me to sweep the living room and you will earn one surprise coupon”.  The next clue led him to the bucket under the kitchen sink.  Attached to it was a note that said “Use me to mop the living room and dining room and you will earn a FANTASY coupon”.

That went on until he had completed all of his chores.  He was so eager to find out what was waiting for him in the “surprise, adventure and fantasy” coupons that he was now motivated to do his chores!!  And I was so grateful for the help that we were able to have a relaxing dinner out (surprise), go see a movie he picked (adventure) and enjoy each other being relaxed (fantasy) now that the chores were done!