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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Ami DePierro

12-days-sexy-christmasI do a sexy/romantic version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I buy all but the 12th gift at the Dollar Tree. The gifts change from year to year depending on what I find at the store. The key is to use your imagination to make an ordinary item extraordinary. Here is this years gifts:

1) bubble bath and a coupon for a romantic bath for two.

2) glow in the dark stars and a coupon for picnic in bed.

3) candles and a coupon for a candlelight dinner for two.

4) Play money and a coupon for a striptease (Santa Baby by Madonna is a good one)

5) Lotion and a coupon for a massage.

6) Tattoos and a coupon for him to put them in the place of his choice.

7) Small photo album and a coupon for a private photo session.

8) a trail of ribbon leading to me tied with a bow and a coupon for “Anything goes – Redeem NOW”

9) An ice cream scoop and a coupon for a decadent banana split.

10) Pretend Police badge set and a coupon for an evening of cops and robbers.

11) A CD recorded with a special audio love letter and a coupon for sweet nothings to be whispered LIVE!

12) A pair of Christmas boxers with mistletoe pinned on them!!!