submitted by: Dawn Stiller


rocket christmas ornamentMy husband and I started a tradition when we were engaged. Each year for Christmas we make the other person an ornament. It can be made of any raw materials (that don’t perish), but has to fit on the tree and has to have sentimental value for something that happened that year!

One year I fashioned a little wooden house modeled after the home we bought that year (our first!) The year we were engaged, Dave bought a toy rocket kit and a bubble-gum machine ring. The Ring went around the tube of the rocket. This was to remind me of our engagement. (A little unique, but fitting for the unique ring I got — it has a gemstone from a falling star on each side of the diamond.)

I knew he was up to something when he was doing all the planning. I thought something for my birthday. He always just smiled and said “I’m building you a rocket ship to the Moon.” The ornament from him that year was named “Rocket Ship to the Moon”.

Each year it keeps us guessing and thinking.