submitted by: Russ Phifer


christmas cd loveI’m not much of a musician, but I can somewhat carry a tune. I’m not a great songwriter, but obviously a lot of very successful songwriters aren’t either. I do, however, have a musically inclined brother-in-law who also has some decent recording equipment. I had a basic tune stuck in my mind which the two of us expanded, and wrote a poem that could be adapted to music fairly well.

Over the course of about 4 “recording sessions” we got it all down, then burned it onto a CD. Using some graphics software, I designed a cover for the CD. Using some basic music software, we printed out the music from the song, which I then put into a notebook; the cover of the notebook was an expanded version of the CD cover.

You wouldn’t believe how floored my wife was to open the package with the CD and notebook!!  Total cost – a couple of bucks for the CD, and a lot of time…. but it was well worth it!