submitted by: David Griffin


gift bagsI just found your web site tonight and am completely wowed! I worked up some Christmas romance with my girlfriend that I’d like to share. Not sure if it’s original but it sure went over big. 

We had planned to celebrate Christmas at the beach (about a 3 hour drive) and left late on Christmas eve. Early in the journey I asked my girlfriend to pull over and let me drive. I put on my Santa hat and handed her a large shopping bag. 

Inside were 12 business size envelopes (numbered 1-12) tied together with a red ribbon and 12 wrapped gifts of varying sizes. The first envelope explained that I (Santa Griff) had 12 different ways to say I love you. 

She slowly went thru each envelope and corresponding gift and we were almost to the beach before the last gift was opened.

The cost of the gifts ranged from 50 cents to $5. some were unbelievably corny : a roll of pennies to buy 50 thoughts from her during the mini vacation, a pair of hand made earrings ($2 in materials).

My girlfriend melted and I felt great to have touched her in a meaningful way!