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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Eddy Gilpin

A couple of years ago I scanned in some pictures of our boys during their younger Christmas days (pictures that my wife and I both recall vividly).  I printed two copies of each picture and glued them back-to-back on light card stock. 

I then purchased a package of clear Christmas ornament balls.  I measured the size of the balls as closely as I could and cut the pictures to approximately that same size. I took the cap off of each of the balls and rolled the pictures so that they would fit into the hole at the top of the ornament and inserted a picture in each one. 

The pictures unfolded themselves once inside the ornaments.  I replaced the tops and put the ornaments back into the box.  I wrote a letter about our many great memories of Christmas and how that I hoped these would bring back those memories each year as she placed them on the tree.  It made for a nice surprise and one of those gifts that “keeps on giving.”