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submitted by: Karen Sherlock

Twins genetically run in my family so when my cousin married a man who also had twins running through his family we all thought “oh boy”. She soon gave birth to two absolutely darling twin baby boys, Joaquin and Ethan and her husband could not have been happier – just with those boys did he deserve Father of the Year.

In September 2003 my cousin found out she was pregnant again but instead of immediately telling her husband the great news she decided to hold on to it until Christmas. By December she had found out that she was going to have twins again and in order to give the news to her husband she purchased two identical silver cradle ornaments and on both of them had engraved “Baby’s First Christmas”.

She then organized a fancy outing for dinner, had the boys given to a sitter and took her husband out with her. Half-way through desert she presented him with the first ornament and when he got over the shock and thrill of that gave him the second which left him completely speechless.

They are now a very happy family of 6 with two twin baby girls being born just this past summer. Needless to say her husband will never forget receiving the news!