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submitted by: Sarah Newhouse

When one looks at the Christmas tree in my parents’ house they see glass ornaments and tinsel as with any tree, but what stands out are the 30 tree stumps (and counting) that hang from the tree limbs telling the story of our family.

Every year our family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone) goes out to a tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree.  Once that one particular tree is located and cut, another very special tradition takes place.

A sliver of the stump sticking out of the ground is taken as well.  This very special piece of wood is taken home and sanded carefully.  Then my father gets his wood burning pen out and writes notable events from the year.  The stump from 1973 (the year my parents were married) says “Our First Christmas.”  1978 and 1980 bear the news of the first and second born daughters.  The news of first visits from the tooth fairy, HS graduations, marriages and memorable family events are chronicled on these stumps.

Each year, when we decorate our tree, hanging our special wooden ornaments are like taking a trip down memory lane.